About us (from weddings page)

Chad & Janine Movold have been photographing weddings together since 1999. Their two distinctive styles compliment each other to create an amazing collection of images that celebrate the beauty and emotions of a wedding.

A professional photographer since 1994, Chad’s experience and down to earth approach puts couples at ease in front of the camera. His personal style of contemporary portraiture combines a mix of fashion, fun, and elegance!

Janine specializes in wedding photojournalism. Her camera documents the wedding from a woman’s point of view. Her images capture real life moments and the special details that
make every wedding unique.

Together, Chad and Janine’s creative vision and ability to anticipate emotions is what makes their work so special. They are dedicated to
giving their very best at every wedding they photograph and truly enjoy all the friendships they make all along the way.

About us (from family page)

Chad and Janine Movold of Viewpoint Photography offer a natural and relaxed style to family portraiture. They specialize in creating
casual portraits of families looking their best and enjoying time together.

Inspired by their own three children, Chad and Janine appreciate the importance of the relationships within each family.

A professional photographer since 1994, Chad’s experience and down to earth attitude puts people at ease in front of the camera. His images capture families of all ages with a clean and modern

As a retouching artist and custom framer, Janine applies the finishing touches to make your portraits perfect.

Together, Chad and Janine create beautiful portraits that families truly love and will cherish for years to come.

About us (from black $ White page)

With the beauty of black and white, Chad and Janine Movold create portraits that capture the essence of your loved ones.

These portraits go beyond the ordinary and celebrate the relationships within your family.

As a photographer, Chad connects with each member of your family to capture images that reflect their true spirit and personality.

Janine continues the creative process as a retouching artist. By smoothing complexions and applying further enhancements, your portraits will have all the qualities of a fine art print.

These emotional and timeless portraits are the perfect way to celebrate the most valued relationships in life.

Capturing Memories of Love and Life!